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Mortgage Protection

By having adequate Mortgage Protection, your family can ensure safety by maintaining monthly payments in the event of a disability, illness or death.


An annuity is essentially an insurance product. With deferred annuities, the contract holder can accumulate money over a period of years (the “accumulation phase”) by either making an initial deposit and watching it grow, or by making periodic deposits over time.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a selected period of time, usually ranging anywhere between 10-30 years.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness insurance is a saving grace if you become diagnosed and helps reduce financial strain during that difficult time.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life insurance is a permanent form of life insurance that offers flexible premiums with adjustable benefits.

Start Smart Programs

Smart Start is a great way to begin investing in your child’s future, while also providing them life insurance coverage.


Today, many households rely on two incomes to pay the mortgage and all of the household bills. Without a solid disability plan, your family could be at a significant risk.

Final Expense

Final Expense Insurance is an insurance policy that covers the final medical and funeral costs in the event of a death.


Our focus is You, plain and simple. Our job at BOS is to deliver the best quality, best service with a financial plan that is suitable for years to come all within your personal budget.

It is your duty to protect what you love the most and it is our job to ensure it!

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